The Best Mobile Apps for Your Small Business

With a small business comes bundles of responsibilities. There is so much that you have to handle on your own as a small business owner. Starting from communications, marketing, finance, project management, hiring, and much more. In such times, there is absolutely no space for more complications and difficulties but they will always come and go in your small business setup.

While dealing with all of the work mentioned above and more, you often consume all of your energy and there is no passion left for new ideas and innovation in your life. If you want to make sure that you sort out your professional life then you need to initiate some technological aspect into it.

With the coronavirus debacle and change in the “normal routine” the existence of more and more small businesses is evident. Therefore, it is time for everyone to learn the aspects that small businesses entail. Managers can ensure that they smooth out operations by joining hands with technology and innovation.

Several good mobile applications have been helping small businesses make processes seamless for the business owners. But before you start downloading all the applications listed below to your smartphone, you need to make sure that you have the right internet service to handle these applications.

The use of these applications can only be profitable to you and your business if you pair them up with a reliable and affordable internet service. Therefore, you need to get on the right internet service. WOW internet service can satisfy you with all the things that come with the business. The high-speed internet service and its reliable internet packages make the business process a whole lot seamless.

Now that you know which internet service is best to pair up with mobile applications. You are now ready to learn about the list.

1. QuickBooks

It is challenging enough to keep up with the company’s financial condition with help of a professional accountant. However, with a business that has just started, it is hard to pay a professional’s salary or fees. Therefore, the application called QuickBooks helps out small business owners by keeping their ledgers in order.

The application helps you track the company’s licenses and revenues by having a look at the financial statements and by enabling users to send payments to the business partners and other staff members.

With the intuitive software of the mobile application, it is easy for the user to upload images of invoices from the smartphone.

To state it simply, the QuickBooks makes the process of filing taxes, managing finances, and keeping knowledge of all the transactions smooth.

The application also allows you to get knowledge of all its features in the 30-day trial for free, but if you get satisfied with the use of the application you can purchase it at a reasonable price.

2. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is another mobile application that helps to track workplace finances if you are working under a tight budget.

The FreshBooks application helps you in maintaining a lean and cost-effective business. The mobile application is designed by professionals to help business owners automate client billing to ensuring they get paid on time.

Also, the application accepts credit card payment and also tracks and organizes the incoming sales of the business.

The application, just like, QuickBooks, gives a 30-day free trial period to the user to fully understand the application and its amazing features. And after that, if you believe that your business needs an app like this then you can purchase on a nominal monthly fee.

3. SmartLine

The application known as SmartLine lets a businessperson use his or her second number on their smartphone device that they can use for all the transactions and communication. The application allows the user to enable features such as:

Also, the app allows the user to set business hours and forward calls to the voicemail after the business hours.

Like the above two applications, the SmartLine also allows you to test the app with its 30-day free trial period and then pay for the app at economical rates.

4. Slack

The widely popular application is perfect for small businesses that have employees working for the company remotely.

The instant messaging application allows the business owner to handle all the operations-related complications over their smartphone device.

In the application, the team’s workflow is separated into different channels, which allows members to work as a team. Also, the app lets the members send private messages to each other

The application enables features such as file sharing and saving conversations, which makes working on a group project more easily.

Slack offers free as well upgraded version that asks for a reasonable fee on monthly basis.